School and Coffee

I’ve never been a big coffee drinker, well I never used to be… That was until I started college… My Freshmen year I had this idea that I could force myself to drink coffee so that I would be able to stay up and work on my paper that I had procrastinated for a week and was due the next morning. I believe that is how most people commence their coffee drinking careers. After force “feeding” myself coffee I have come to be quite addicted to that black, warm, delicious drug.

School started back up this week, with all new interesting courses, new professors, and new classmates. I’m excited as I am entering my new courses with a greater enthusiasm than ever before. This enthusiasm might be a result of my interests and how this semesters’ courses are almost all aimed towards my degree in Economics, as well as finance.

I have made a promise to my family and friends in Norway to try to show them more of my life here in Norman, Oklahoma this semester, and I have figured I will try to do it through this [inconsistent] blog. In other words, this blog will not be just about photography, it will be more about my life I guess, that is if I can actually keep posting these blog posts, and I think thats where the challenge lies…

Another thing I want to do this semester is to try to travel around the area a bit more. I have Fridays and most of Mondays off from school and that gives me an opportunity to travel a bit more than I have so far. However, there is also a limitation to my travels due to the lack of money, though a car and a full tank of gas can take me miles away!

I am excited about this coming semester!

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