Relaunch of Website

Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

A little info on me; I am a 22 year old boy studying Economics and Finance at the University of Oklahoma. I am (again) starting this blog, to better myself as a pupil of photography, as writing about the art would help me get a more critical take on the game.

After many failed attempts at starting a blog, I have now changed the entire website with a completely new look which I think will bring out more in the photos than the old one did. In addition, the new look will try and provide a better blog experience both for readers and me as the author. The only thing remaining to see now is if I can actually keep up with the writing. It seems as though I am not the only one around that has problems maintaining a blog, but I will try to overcome the urge (maybe the wrong word) to stop.

This blog will work as a medium for me to draw down my thoughts, however, my thoughts aren’t always photography related so don’t be scared if you see me rambling on about the weather. Okay, maybe not the weather…. But you get my point.

In the coming few weeks, I will be working on a new project besides my studying. I haven’t really found a catchy name for it other than what it really is, which is “The OU Campus by Night”. Just thought of some other names, how about “Nightly Campus”?


PS: I am still uploading photos to the portfolio…

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